Drivers do not see the destination of a rider when they get a new ride. This is to prevent them cancelling short trips, or trips to neighbourhoods with high densities of racial minorities, etc. This is great, basically uber has built in a feature that prevents illegal discrimination.
Unfortunately, many uber drivers circumvent this feature of uber, they call riders to determine their destination even though this is against the rules. And then they cancel the trip if its too short, or the rider wants to go to a neighborhood the driver doesn't like! This is a huge problem because (1) it hurts riders, (2) it disadvantages minorities (3) it wastes everyones time and (4) when the driver cancels, uber automatically requests a second uber for the rider, but most annoyed riders who have been cancelled on call a cab instead forcing the 2nd uber rider to cancel. This really wastes the 2nd drivers time!
The big issue is that there is no easy way to report drivers calling and then cancelling to discriminate against minorities and short trips. This is because cancelled trips aren't rated. Often drivers who regularly engage in this extremely discriminatory behaviour have 4.9+ ratings! This needs to stop.